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Be Mobile.
Mobile Planet Fact:
6out of10
of the UK population have a mobile device.
of the 18-49 year old Australian population have a smart mobile device.
Implication: Businesses that makes mobile a central part of their strategy will benefit from the opportunity to engage the new constantly connected consumer.
Implication: Businesses that make mobile a central part of their strategy will benefit from the opportunity to connect with the mobile planet.
Mobile Planet Fact:
of Britons will not leave home without their mobile device.
of Australian smart mobile device users will not leave home without their smart mobile device.
Implication:Having a Mobile Presence keeps you connected.
Implication: A mobile presence keeps you constantly connected with your clients.
Mobile Planet Fact:
of Britons Mobile Device users have looked for local information. 81% have take action as a result
of australian smart mobile device users have looked for local information. 88% have take action as a result.
Implication: Ensuring Mobile Friendly features as OneTap Call, Email, SMS and Map services on mobile makes it easy for consumers to connect directly with business.
Implication: Ensuring that clickable phone numbers and location-based services on mobile makes it easy for consumers to connect directly with business.
Mobile Planet Fact:
of UK Mobile Device users visit social networks on them.
of australian smart mobile device users visit social network on them.
Implication: A Mobile Social Media connection option will benefit your Business or Brand.
Implication: A Mobile Social Media connection option will benefit your Business or Brand.
Mobile Planet Fact:
of UK Mobile Device users are using their mobile device while doing other things such as watching TV(55%).
Australians have the second-highest per capita uptake of smart mobile devices in the world.
Implication: Extending advertising strategies to include Mobile, and developing integrated cross-media campaigns will create mobile connection.
Implication: If you have an Australian business or Brand you need a mobile solution.
Mobile Planet Fact:
Of UK Mobile Device users have researched a product or a service on their Mobile Device.
of Australian smart mobile device users are using their them while doing other things such as watching TV(48%).
Implication: Having a Mobile Presences and Mobile Connection will give your Business or Brand the competitive edge.
Implication: Extending marketing strategies to include mobile and developing integrated cross-media campaigns can reach today's consumers more effectively.
Mobile Planet Fact:
3 out of 4
Britons will use a Mobile Device by 2016.
increase in smart mobile device use between 2011 and 2012 in Australia.
Implication: Market share and even survival depends on a mobile solution for your company's future.
Implication: Market share and even survival depends on a mobile presence with mobile connection for your business or brand.



(Please download our app - This is the best way to answer that question)


AppCamel.com is a Mobile Application development company.

We do this because of two core facts:


The Planet has gone Mobile.

A Mobile Presence with Mobile Connection is not optional.

Our focus is creating Multi-Platform Mobile Applications for any existing Business or Brand.
We do not develop conceptual Apps.

(we leave that to other developers)

Our Mission

Provide your Mobile Presence with Mobile Connection.

Our Philosophy

Be Mobile.

We do this by using smart innovations, clever strategy, the latest technologies and careful attention to the 3 D's


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Campbell and Courtney appy story


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.
-Steve Jobs


Mobile Application design must be user centric. Caring totally about the experience of your App Citizens is the vital key, since this is who you want to connect with.

This starts from understanding the importance of specialised App Icon design that makes your Multi-Platform Mobile Application stand out on the screen of any smart mobile device.

Your Business or Brand is already identified by your existing colours, logo and overall branding image. AppCamel.com uses all this and repackage that into a Multi-Platform Mobile Application that immediately connects the Mobile Planet with your image. That means...
NO TEMPLATES Your Business or Brand is unique, as your Web Presences represents. Obviously, so must be your Mobile Presence. AppCamel.com only creates Custom Designed Multi-Platform Mobile Applications.

wallet-icon camera-icon basket-icon
uf ux ui


large-develop-icon Great software involves skilled computer programming of source code. Different languages, different platforms, and continuos system updates all require skilled engineering. After all, if users can't use a feature, it might as well not exist. Bugs or crashing software can turn App Citizens away, and have a negative impact on your hard earned company image.

Our 'Lab' of world class software engineers will not release an Mobile Application unless it has been fully tested to the highest standards. We back that up with a satsfaction guarantee to all our Mobile Apps we create.

Appcamel.com uses the latest technology innovations to make the entire development process completely streamline. Which enables us to speed up the average development process and reduce cost significantly.

Learn about one of many of our AppCamel.com innovations:


102 Billion Mobile App
Downloads in 2013


AppCamel.com has successful methods and strategies to make sure your App is found by your target market. Our first method to successful deployment of your Mobile Presence is to make your App available to 91% Application to where its needed, on your clienteles smart mobile devices.

AppCamel.com creates beautiful Apple App Store & Google Play displays with strong possibility of being displayed on their featured App pages. With the use of Facebook login, we let Facebook help promote your App on the Facebook App Centre. Plus use of the Facebook Open Graph system which is the deepest social connection possible. Share your App with your App Citizens friends by posting directly on to their time line about your Business or Brands Multi-Platform Mobile Application.

AppCamel.com's overall strategies and innovations will result in the successful Design, Development and
Deployment of your Mobile Presence, which will keep your Business or Brand, always connected with the
Mobile Planet.

why a multi-platform mobile


Only three reasons - press play.


globes-iconMobile Presence

Only a Multi-Platform Mobile Application can put your Business or Brand on the hottest property
on the Mobile Planet - the screen of your clients Smart Mobile Device.
Here your logo is constantly seen. This shows your Business or Brands innovation and adaption to new technologies, strengthening your company image. Give your Business or Brand continuos Mobile Presence...
even offline.

mobile-friendly-iconMobile friendly

Only a Multi-Platform Mobile Application shows that your Business or Brand is Mobile Friendly, even offline your clients can easily contact you.
A beautiful Custom Designed Multi-Platform Mobile Application using the latest technologies is easy to use, from granma's to students. Stay close to your clients - by being always in their pocket.


Facebook login

The deepest social
connection possible.
Direct posts onto App
Citizens timeline.


Power Checkin

The Best Loyalty Reward System.
Detailed analytics, simple to use,
True rewards = True loyalty


1Tap Features

Give your Business or
Brand the edge over
the competition, be easily

cross-iconMobile Connection

Only a Multi-Platform Mobile Application can give your Business or Brand Mobile Connection.
Use Push Technology to Connect any time, in any location, with any App Citizen.

What is Push Technology?

Push Technology or push notifications, is a internet based communications service, initiated by the central server of your Smart Mobile Device (Google, Apple, Microsoft)


Why So Powerful?

Using Push Technology any Business or Brand can connect with Exact App Citizens at Exact times, in Exact locations.

PushTowers.com - ‘Above all else.’

AppCamel.com have carefully designed and developed PushTowers.com to be -‘Above all else.’ Quick and easy to use, make use of powerful Push Technology in just 3 steps.

Step 1 Create your message.

Quickly create a Basic or Pro message anytime 24/7.

Step 2 Choose who you want to connect with.

Target your Mobile Connection to the right App Citizens, choose from gender, language, usage, location, age and more - the combinations are endless. Connect with all your App Citizens or just one. Thats Exact Mobile Connection - ‘Above all else.’

Step 3 Choose when to connect.

Timing is everything, make a Mobile Connection with your App Citizen at a perfect time for them. Connect at the right time of day, on the right day, of the right week, of the right month in the right location, and even when its the right type of weather. Thats Exact Mobile Connection - ‘Above all else.’

Where can a multi-platform mobile application be used



Only these locations - press play.


With your own Multi-Platform Mobile Application you can Connect everywhere your App Citizens are.

This is a remarkable privilege, that is to be respected. Your App Citizens are in effect inviting you into their:

Any time any where,
you can make a Mobile Connection.


We have six global locations, being a tech development so we don´t need big offices, as we do everything we can to reduce our cost to pass on the savings to you. One look at our prices and you will be pleased we do.

We live by our philosophy - Be Mobile.

Our Mobile Agents are in your area and ready to meet you to help plan your Mobile Presence, connect with us anytime - call, email, or sms. Always the best way to connect with us is to download our Multi-Platform Mobile Application.


contact information










10 rue de saintonge paris France 75003


316/ 125 Oxford St Bondi
JncT Sydney NSW Australia 2022

contact / contacto / contacter

support soporte soutenier



Only these sectors - press play.


Who is


The AppCamel.com team,

loves creating



AppCamel.com has over 50 years experience in software, our young and agile team are a fresh edge, combined with the experience to deliver.

Each team member has specifically chosen Mobile Software because of it's endless possibilities. With the desire to be involved in creating the highest quality Mobile Experience for the end user - your App Citizens. We know our entire business is based on the facts and vision we are living in a new era of human interaction - the “Mobile Planet” - which is the new medium for every Business and Brand.

We understand that modern business needs to be more connected to its clients than ever before, that market share depends on the connection each business has with its clientele.

That´s what we like to do! Meet us, see our work, find out for yourself that we are the best company to create YOUR Mobile Presence with Mobile Connnection.


Favourite App:

Dream App:
Position: Founder, CEO

Name: Haran J Nicholls
Favourite App: Shazam

Dream App: Free Higher Education App
Position: Senior architect

Name: Igor Litvinenko
Favourite App: Angry Birds

Dream App: Sleep Saver APP
Position: International commnications Manager

Name: Anastasiia Bobeshko
Favourite App: Facebook

Dream App: Free shoes finder
Position: Senior Graphic Designer

Name: Angelina
Favourite App: Cut the rope

Dream App: Film man
Position: Senior Front End Developer

Favourite App: EVERNOTE

Position: Senior Back End Developer

Favourite App:

Dream App:
Position: Front End Developer

Name: Iurii kosynets
Favourite App: Igudes

Dream App: Infinie Blade 2
Position: Back End Developer

Name: Dmitriy Artemenko
Favourite App:

Dream App:
Position: Graphic design

Name: Gallinna Zubchenco
Favourite App: Twitter

Dream App: Capoeira moves app
Position: Graphic design

Name: Yana
Favourite App: Dumb ways to die

Dream App: Double Productive
Position: Mobile Agent

Name: Haran J Nicholls
Favourite App: Running with friends

Dream App: Free upgrade app
Position: Mobile agent

Name: Haran j nicholls
Favourite App: Song pop

Dream App: Dream catcher

a Multi - Platform mobile
Application, worth the investment?


Only if these opinions matter - press play.


On a Mobile Planet, you need Mobile Strategy, to make a Mobile Connection.


Technology that gives you the competitive edge to make a deep personal connection with clientele has exceptional worth.

Combing analytics that clearly show KPI's and ROI, a Multi-Platform Mobile Application has true worth.

AppCamel.com Difference

As mention at the outset - Our focus is creating Multi-Platform Mobile Applications or any existing Business or Brand. We do not do concept apps.

We spent two years in development before our official launch, to create a streamlined approach to Multi-Platform Mobile Application development, in order to substantially reduce overall development, time and cost. Yet we still design beautiful custom made Multi-Platform Apps to match your Business or Brand - we do not do templates.

365 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
3 Years Free Updates & Bug Removal
Custom Design
Unique Revenue Driving Features
PushTowers.com - ‘Above all else.’



  • Basic Push (only text) 2 full rich a month
  • Basic Analytics (number of AppCitizen from PushTowersAnalytics.com)
  • Access to push results for 2 Full rich a month (PlusPushTowers.com)
Free part-of-plan-box


  • Richer Push (add different styles of the text - bold underline and italic)
  • 2 full rich a month free
  • +Basic Analytics Number and countries (PushTowerAnalytics.com, full access to most of analytics pages)
$ 49/ monthly part-of-plan-box


  • Rich Push (full colours and font change)
  • +Favorite messages
  • +Top 5 messages
  • +Remembering of the most successful or favorite messages
  • Image and Emotions unlimited
  • 2 sound files free
  • Rich access to PushTowersAnalytics.com (full access to the most of analytics and admin pages)
$ 69/ monthly part-of-plan-box


  • Rich Push
  • + Suggested messages
  • +Previous messages
  • +Most successful messages
  • +Remembering of the most successful or favorite messages
  • Images, emotions and music unlimited
  • The inbox selection (inbox, +inbox, +friendbox)
  • Rich Analytics (all unlimited access)
$ 99/ monthly part-of-plan-box




Only when these facts affect you - press play.


When Can I Connect with My App Citizens?

Every time your App Citizens have their Smart Mobile devices with them. Practically always! Your Business or Brand is literally carried 24/7 in your customer’s pocket!.

They are your VIP's of the Mobile Planet, because they are the people that have your Multi-Platform Mobile App on their personal Smart Mobile Device. They have chosen to be your App Citizens, and their choice must always be highly respected. The better Mobile experience you create, the more value you can give, the more App Citizens you will have. Via Social Share Connections your App Citizens can even help to recruit more App Citizens for you, and you will see your App population grow. Gaining more App Citizen is easy by giving value and building a relationship by offering:

•Discounts      •Specific News
•Free Gifts      •Loyalty Offers.

We strongly recommend that you review Seven Principles of Mobile Connection (7PMC) regarding use of Push Technology.This is a NEW channel with NEW possibilities


We connect with our partner, family, friends, business colleagues, neighbours, school colleagues, local community, countrymen and everyone else on the planet on different levels, and each needs to be respected.

So now you have your own Multi-Platform Mobile Application (MPMA) and your App Citizen population is growing progressively. Now you can Connect with thousands, tens of thousands even millions on the Mobile Planet!

The Mobile Planet is always Connected.

So how will you connect with your App Citizens that have chosen to give your MPMA a place on their personal Smart Mobile device?


What a privilege! Your App Citizens have invited you into their daily lives, now you can Connect with them any time, at home, at work, at leisure and in between. Everywhere, any time. This is a privilege indeed!

And why not, if you have a beautiful designed MPMA with equally beautiful features, importantly this has been developed to represent your Business or Brand, so of course your clients have reason to download it.


The AppCamel.com Lab has developed your Mobile Presence with Mobile Connection, doing thier best to ensure no design or technical issues will be reason for removal. From here on it is up to you how to use this privilege of Mobile Connection with your App Citizens that will ultimately be the key to your Mobile success. To help, below is a guide our 'Seven Principles of Mobile Connection' that will lead you in the right direction of creating a great Mobile Connection.
PushTowers.com-’Above all else’ is designed to be easy to use yet powerful in features. Just follow Campbell the Camel, he will help you to maximize your Mobile Presence with Mobile Connection.

'Seven Principles of Mobile Connection'

1. Think Mobile to Be Mobile.

The Mobile Channel including Push technology is new and different to any other Media channels before in human history. The full implications and ripple effect it will have in altering Business as we know it are still in motion... where and how far it will go we do not yet know. What we do know is, since the Mobile Channel is different we cannot think as before!


not - Email spammingThis is not - Email spamming.
not - Social Media FeedsThis is not - Social Media Feeds.
not - SMS blastsThis is not - SMS blasts.
not - Expensive Newspaper AdvertsThis is not - Expensive Newspaper Adverts.
not - Random Flyers or PosterThis is not - Random Flyers or Poster.
not - Radio drive TimeThis is not - Radio drive Time.
not - TV Prime TimeThis is not - TV Prime Time.
not - GuessingThis is not - Guessing!

The Mobile channel will supersede all these other Media channels. Because at last, priority is given where it should be, to the individual to personalize what they want to receive. And the shared data they give helps Business and Brands like never before, to be able to give them exactly that! So Sales and Marketing teams (we know your are reading this) who have been given this responsibility of using Push Technology - Please, take a moment, type or write this somewhere you will see it before you use PushTowers.com

Don't think like before - think mobile to Be Mobile.

2. Connect with others, as you would like others to Connect with you.

Heard something similar before? The principle rings ever true with a Mobile Connection. You have a Smart Mobile device you know what Mobile Experience's you like and what you don't like. You've experienced some Mobile Apps annoyingly spam with Push Technology, or others that don't have an inbox, so you never find that offer again, still others that send Push Notifications when you are in the wrong location or at the wrong time. And yet others get it just right and give you a great Mobile Experience. Do the same for your App Citizens. Expand on that. In your daily activities think what you would like in a Mobile Experience. What kind of Push Notification would I appreciate now? Be it just before the drive home and you are given a Push notification that the motorway or train line is blocked . Or a special offer when you are near one of your favourite bars or other relevant and helpful content that enriches or helps your day. Or you arrive to one of your favourite stores you are welcomed and notified of what’s on special, straight to your pocket! Would you like others to connect with you like that? Your Business or Brand is unique, the Mobile Channel will allow it unique, innovative and amazing ways to make great Mobile Connection with your App Citizens - as long as you:
Connect with others, as you would like others to Connect with you.

3. Connect based on shared data.

You don't talk about the latest football result with your 4 year old daughter, as you wouldn't tell your work colleague there is a pony show at the fair. Or perhaps you would, as you know certain shared data about those people we guessed wrong. Either way you naturally find out as much as possible from the people in your life, so that when you connect it is on a level you know they appreciate and welcome. Similarly you know many facts about your App Citizens that they share. This helps you to connect on a level that suits them. And that is what they want. Thus your goal should be to grow as much a shared data as possible of your App Citizens and then.





helps you to define as much as possible about your App Citizens. Designed so all shared data is easily analysed. Plus it’s constantly growing and improving so that you can Connect even better with the Mobile Planet.


Connect based on shared data.

4. Connect at the Right Time.

Timing is everything. Connecting at the right time is the first easy step to creating a great Mobile Connection. Now you have a MPMA, so you have continuos Connection to your App Citizens. This places the responsibility on you to understand when a message will make their day easier, more entertaining or more profitable. Time zones need to be considered (especially if you have a global MPMA), morning? lunch? afternoon? evening? Old time slots like 'Prime Time' for TV or 'Drive Time' for Radio are superseded by 'RIGHT TIME' for Mobile. Some people want some information for the morning commute, others want details in the evening to plan for the next day, and some want it midday. Timed with Weather - summer, winter, rainy or sunny. - i.e. if it’s a hot day - special offer on ice-cream, or if it’s cold a day than special offer on hot chocolate. Timed with Events - local, countrywide or even globally - i.e. big Match Day - special offer for all who show their colours in store. You have instant access straight to the App Citizens pockets! Use it wisely by...
Connecting at the Right Time.

5. Connect at the Right Location.

Mobile Planet means just that the App Citizens are Mobile and in different locations. To the immediately to the discerning, being able to Connect with a App Citizen at Exact locations opens the door to amazing possibilities. You can Connect with your App Citizens’ based on where they are, you can send out a lunch offer to the App Citizens that are in the neighbourhood, remind those at the beach to use skincare, the possibilities are endless. You will uncover correlations between location and when customers use your app, which will help you to connect with them even better. Loyalty programs represent an excellent opportunity to capitalize on location. Let your customers know that loyalty program members will get special offers when they are at your business.
Connect at the Right Location.

6. Connect with the Right App Citizen.

Snowflakes, fingerprints, zebra stripes all different and uniquely individual, just like your App Citizens! Using detailed segmentation in PushTowers.com you can connect with the individual based on gender, usage, time of usage. Get to know difference based on the App History. Now you can add the time and location to the equation, where they first used the MPMA, amount of loyalty they have redeemed, use of social connections, which pages frequented most. The focus must be on building an authentic relationship based on listening and responding to their individual needs. To win, Business and Brands must approach App Citizens individualy. That means getting the right message to the right App Citizen, at the right time, in the right location. That Mobile Connection must hold real value - it can’t be just a sales pitch.
Where do App Citizens find value?
• Information to help them navigate daily life.
• Surprising or interesting content to them.
• News of changing conditions that will assist them.
• Shareable or smile-worthy content to enjoy.

Connect with the Right App Citizen.

7. Regular Valuable Connection.

Using PushTowers.com and following the 6 principles above you will be delivering valuable Mobile Connection to all of your individual App Citizens. The only remaining principle is - make that Regular. This is your chance to Connect with value regularly and become a part of your App Citizens’ lives. That value does not need to be complicated, it does not need to be commercial, this is about building a long term relationship with your App Citizens that will lead to Brand loyalty and ultimately better Business. For a mobile relationship to succeed, your App Citizens must trust that you have their best interests in mind, that takes a Regular long-term commitment approach to Mobile Connection.

Don’t deliver messages. Deliver value. Do it regularly.

Can I have a Witness



this is where we shut up
let our work be our witness
and you can be the judge



Download it now Experience their Mobile Presence with Mobile Connection



Download it now Experience their Mobile Presence with Mobile Connection



Download it now Experience their Mobile Presence with Mobile Connection



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